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Welcome to our Association!

On these pages you will find information on the Council of Creative Artists of the Egerland*) (Arbeitskreis Egerländer Kulturschaffender). In our association we unite creative artists in music, writing, visual and performing arts, folklife studies, photography and filming, science and technology. In particular we want to gather, treasure and develop the cultural possessions and heritage of the Egerland.

We like to open these cultural possessions to the populace and to enhance its significance by organising exhibitions, cultural evenings, contests and award presentation ceremonies.

The Council of Creative Artists of the Egerland (Arbeitskreis Egerländer Kulturschaffender) is a work and research community. We are organised as a friendly society, we are a nonpartisan and ecumenical association. New members, interested in our aims, are always welcome!

*) The Egerland is a historical region in the far north west of Bohemia in the Czech Republic at the border with Germany. It is named after the German name Eger for the city of Cheb.